Asphere Network

Asphere Network
Asphere Network is one of the leading companies in the Asia supplying and exporting FMCG and Electronic goods to the global market particularly to Europe, United States, United Kingdom, Middle East and Africa.

As our company name signifies, we aim to build and connect all wholesalers, trading partners, key retailing distributors around the globe from our master distribution.

Our business proposition is that our end products are directly from factories. In order words, you will get the most competitive prices in the market.

Following are our values to build the long term relationship with your esteemed company.

* Legally and registered business. Verified by third party company
* Products are 100% strictly QC checked before delivery. Warranty covered.
* Apply the safest delivery to your doorstep or your customer destination.
* Corporate Bank account for Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union payment
* OEM/ODM facility is available
* A full suit of products available
* Provide inspection service for our clients.

Asphere Network's product line:

1) Telephony and Wireless
* CDMA 800/1900 Mhz Fixed Wirelesss Telephones 1x 2000
* CDMA refurbished Samsung X290 Mobile Phone
* Grade A++ Refurbished Mobile Phones - GSM 900, 1800, 1900

2) Bluetooth Accessories Family
* Bluetooth headset = Lowest price in the market
* USB Bluetooth dongle/adapter = Lowest prices in the market.
* Bluetooth carkit

3) Others consumer goods
* OEM MP3 Players
* OEM USB Flash Disk
* Sim card backup reader , Dual sim card holder, Super 16-in-1 sim card
* Jeans and T-shirts - branded and non-branded.
* OEM Digital Cameras
* OEM Golf sets
* Travel chargers and Power AC/DC adapters
* Money Currency counter and Detector

4) Web Development
* Email Hosting
* Web Hosting
* Web Design

Take a tour on our product list. You will definitely find something that we can both cooperate on.

With that we look forward to hear from you soon. Do not forget, we are building business together!

Asphere Network
[86] 134 80164667
Block 2 Unit 4 Shennan Road
Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518031, China
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